COVID-related Resources - current psychosocial and fitness resources

We are here for you!

A group of child and adolescent psychiatrists in Toronto, Drs. Susan Dundas, Jacqui Holiff, Cara Ooi, Diane Philipp, Priya Watson and Thérèse Zarbarb created an electronic COVID-19 resource for families. The website includes:

  • strategies, templates, and ideas for creating structure in the home

  • articles to help parents cope and self-regulate

  • articles and tools to support parents in helping their children during the pandemic

  • links to mental health resources and other local resources

For seniors, people with disabilities and others in need of assistance

Free structured digital therapy program

Stay fit and healthy!

 If you usually rely on trainer-led classes and/or the equipment that gyms offer, you might be struggling to figure out how to maintain your physical and mental well-being, especially in this stressful time. 

These are some free apps and videos to help you keep fit no matter the circumstances right now. That means a lot of body weight work, so get ready to move and sweat! (Safely, in your own home.) 

Nike Training Club (all fitness levels):

Fitness Blender, free youtube channel:

A variety of yoga workouts for all ages and families:

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