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Allergy Shots and Immunizations

Every patient receiving allergy shots at Walkley Medical Centre is required to sign an allergy injection agreement. It includes the risks associated with these injections and the importance of waiting for 30 minutes afterwards so we may attend to an adverse reaction should it occur. By leaving the waiting room early, you will not be allowed to receive these injections at Walkley Medical Centre. 


Please note:

  1. Postpone exercise 2 hours pre and post shots.

  2. DO NOT take an antihistamine before your shots, but do carry some with you should you develop a latent reaction. Please call the office to report a lump at the injection site 4x4cm or larger that lasts 24 hours or more.

  3. Allergy shots are not stored on site. It is important that you ensure that your serum is transported with ice packs to maintain their potency. 

  4. Please advise your physician if your allergy serum is running low or expiring soon.

Patients requesting immunizations should call and book an appointment.  Immunizations that are not on the regular schedule of publicly funded vaccines are subject to a fee.  

Annual influenza vaccinations are typically available near the end of October.

It is the responsibility of parents to report all vaccinations that have been administered to their children directly to Ottawa Public Health.  Further details can be found at:

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